Scrabble Kabala

This funny
and provocative short story
by Liz Dubelman
stretches the definition of what a short story is. It is an excellent
use of Macromedia Flash to mix media and create a new kind of literature.
It also raises interesting questions concerning the fine line between
mysticism and mental illness.

Perhaps the single essential cross-discipline characteristic
of genius is the ability to see connections that others cannot. This
is true in art, in literature, in physics, in sociology, in business,
etc. However, the people who are the best at this, the real geniuses,
usually have huge egos, since they are so much smarter than the rest
of us, and often twisted psyches, since they have never really fit into
the regular folks world.

This combination all too often results in the perception
of elaborate webs of connections with the intelligence perceiving them
perceiving itself in their center.  This in turn leads to megalomania,
if the connections are benign, and paranoid psychosis if they are perceived
to be malignant. Examples range from John
, of A Beautiful
fame, to Andy
Ben B
, our freshman roommate.

it out
and judge for yourself

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