Is Your Cellphone Full of Spit Yet?

Not content with having converted email into
a wasteland and a cruel scavanger hunt (the Dowbrigade somehow list an
entire class’ emails down some junk drain last week), filling up blogs
with bogus comments shilling the same tired scams as spam, and more recently
Spim. unsolicited commercial Instant Messages (the kid who bags our grocery
now has a doctorate from the Sorbonne and looks
he stuck
a kielbasa down his pants), these mercenary bastards are moving on to
the latest iteration of out-of-control capitalism – Spit, or Spam over
Internet Telephony.

"our voice-mail boxes could become clogged with salacious
and bogus advertising messages, just like our email inboxes are today.
And denial-of-service attacks launched by armies of automated "spam-bots"
could tie up targeted customers’ phone lines constantly"

New Scientist

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