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So Sue Me


It is clear that American culture has
become so litigious that our court system and the medical profession
are in
danger of paralysis due to superfluous lawsuits. For a reminder that
things do not necessarily have to be this way look no further than our
ally in the war on terror, Poland. In the US our friend Pawel would already
be shopping for a house in Bel Air.

WARSAW (Reuters) – Poland’s state railway PKP is claiming
compensation from a man who caused delays to its services by being run
over by a
train — but said it may forgive the debt after learning the man’s
house had burned down.

"We are acting in accordance with article 415 of the Civil Code,
seeking damages from a person who caused delays in rail traffic," PKP
spokesman Krzysztof Lancucki said on Monday.

He said 19-year-old Pawel Banaszek, who was paralyzed in the incident
in August 2003, caused 2,058 zlotys ($580) worth of losses due to delays.
Accounts of how Banaszek ended up lying on the tracks vary.

"We are the guardians of public property, not a charitable
institution, and we have an obligation to seek compensation in the name
of the taxpayers," Lancucki told Wyborcza.
"Mr. Banaszek could have turned to a court, but he didn’t. He would
lose, and the whole affair would cost (him) many times more."

from Reuters

Warfare for Dummies


scary insight into the level on which our fighting men and woment are
trying to overcome the language and culture gap on the ground in Iraq.
Most of these brave American boys and girls are in their teens and early
twenties, and are relying on these fold-up cheat sheets to cheat death,
stay alive, and husband Iraq down the garden path to enlightened democracy.

company named Kwikpoint makes them, and the military hands them out to
personnel. The guides help English-speaking personnel communicate with
prisoners, would-be-detainees, interrogatees, and so on. Don’t speak
Farsi or Iraqi Arabic? Need to tell a prisoner to drop trou and get horizontal
beneath your boot, pronto? Point to the infographic.

Visually, they’re unsettling. The images are functional icons, like highway
signs or web UI buttons, so they reflect a simplified aesthetic — like
early childhood
storybooks. The subject matter is violent, but the look is "see spot run" or "happy
Lego people at play." The funniest one is a two-part diagram where a man
is asked to remove his toupee so the interrogator can determine whether or not
any weapons are stashed beneath (shown in thumbnail here).

from xeni
at Boingboing

Warfare for Dummies


Warfare for Dummies


Some Kids Need the Biggest Toys


Springfield, Mass (Dowbrigade News) An enraged driver at
the Massachusetts State Fair today crashed his monster truck into the
Demolition Derby Bumper Car ride about half a mile from the Monster Truck

Leroy Fenstermeister, the driver of the Monster Truck,
had been disqualified and prohibited from competing in the Monster Truck
obstacle course event due to his obvious intoxication, according to witnesses.

"He grabbed his keys, shouted ‘I’ll show you who’s drunk!’
and jumped into his truck." reported Roberta Ernst, working security at
the event.

Fenstermeister drove out of the motor sports area, through
the air and water rifle kiosks, flattened several popcorn, cotton candy
and hot dough carts, destroyed a row of Port-A-Pottys and ended up in
the middle of the Bumper Car ride.

Miraculously, no one was hurt. Fenstermeister was arrested
and charged with driving under the influence, malicious destruction of
property and leaving the scene of an accident.

picture from worth1000