Coming Soon to a Campus Near You

They stood silently in line on a misty, rain swept plaza
outside of Marsh Chapel and in front of the Martin Luther King memorial,
on the campus of Boston University. At first, it was unclear exactly
what they were for, or against.

Upon closer inspection, each of their purple placards bore
a peace symbol and the name of an Iraqi non-combatants killed during
the US occupation of their country. Teachers and students, like us. Messengers
and housewives, little kids playing on the street or walking to school.
Normal people, trying to live their lives, collateral damage in the Bush
family vendetta.

We spoke and discovered that they were part of
Inter-University Coalition
for a Humane Foreign Policy
, and
are part of a wide movement to stage protests on every campus in
the Boston area, every Wednesday, at noon, until "the crisis passes".

Watch for them soon, at a campus near you.

Coalition for a Humane Foreign Policy

photo by Dowbrigade

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