What’s Up With Technorati?

What’s up with Technorati? Long considered the most authoritive and professional
blog tracking site, it seems to be slipping, at least from a public perception
point of view if not in fact in the accuracy of their information.

For a blogger who blogs daily, usually multiple posts,
it can be disconcerting to the point of emotionally upsetting to discover
that the Official Register of the Blogosphere thinks you HAVEN’T UPDATED
YOUR BLOG IN 16 DAYS 12 HOURS AND 22 MINUTES. The very fact it is so
exact gives it all the more weight as officialista reproach.
What a slacker! That Dowbrigade slug hasn’t posted in over two weeks!
He oughta shit it down!

In the listed links, of course, they reference many postings
from within the past two weeks. What’s up whit this.  We are not
enough of a gearhead to understand how Technorati works, but we do ping
them from time to time. Is this due to the growth of the Blogosphere
that they can only get around to checking each blog every three weeks?

our Technorati results

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5 Responses to What’s Up With Technorati?

  1. Lisa Williams says:

    I think that it means that the list of inbound links was last updated 16 days ago. Technorati doesn’t have the hardware to send its crawler across the blogosphere that often, most people only get visited twice a month or so.

  2. adamg says:

    What happens to me fairly often is the “World Live Web” Star-Trek dohicky zips and zips and zips and then: Nothing. Sometimes, if I click on the “search” button, I’ll get results. And I challenge anybody to bring up a listing of inbound links to http://www.universalhub.com – dunno why Technorati ALWAYS chokes on that URL, but it does.

    But I have problems with Feedster, too :-).

  3. adamg says:

    Whoa, what’s with the camel? I type a synonym for find that rhymes with church …

  4. Michael Feldman says:

    Sorry Adam, long ago I must have called a photo I uploaded to the server search, and according to the Manilla rules, if it sees the name of a photo in quotation marks, it thinks you want to invoke the photo. I have since learned to give my photos weird names like seerchh……

  5. Hans Millard says:

    sehr gut Saite. Was machen Sie mein Freund?
    keep it up !

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