Scalia Endorses Sexual Orgies

The Supreme Court’s recent decisions protecting abortion
rights, upholding the legalization of assisted suicide and striking down
anti-sodomy laws represent a "dangerous" trend, Justice Antonin Scalia
told a Harvard audience last night.

An audience member later rose to ask Scalia "whether you have any gay
friends, and – if not – whether you’d like to be my friend."

"I probably do have some gay friends," Scalia said. "I’ve never pressed
the point."
But Scalia said his personal views on social issues have no bearing on
his courtroom decisions.

"I even take the position that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions
and ought to be encouraged," Scalia said.

What the Fourth Amendment prohibits is ‘unnecessary’ search and seizure,"
the justice said. "Is it racial profiling prohibited by the Fourth Amendment
for the police to go looking for a white man with blue eyes? Do you want
to stop little old ladies with tennis shoes?"

The eccentric justice
launched into a parody of a police radio dispatch under a scenario in
which profiling
were prohibited. "The suspect is
5’10", we know what he looks like, but we can’t tell you," Scalia quipped-drawing
laughter from the audience.

from the Harvard

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