Blogging in Bed


It has come to our attention that we spend
an inordinate amount of our time in bed these days. Actually, this has
been going on for years, and we have decided to come out of the closet
and jump into bed on this one, so to speak.

Now, don’t get us wrong. The Dowbrigade lives a decidedly
active lifestyle. Full-time job. Tennis two or three times a week. A
variety of culinary and cultural activities ranging from dim sum to some
dim dives. But when we are at home, in our "free time" you are likely
to find us in bed.

Nothing makes us feel as good as climbing in between clean
sheets after a grueling half-day in the academic salt mines. We have
taken to sleeping amongst an array of eight pillows, a legacy of an old
girlfriend who is kindly remembered mostly for this nocturnal idiosyncrasy,
and certain others, come to think of it.

But back to bed. Our whole life at home revolves around
our bed. The chief attraction of our newly installed home wi-fi network
is that it
us to blog
via the
magic of our Virtual Private Network, we can pretend to be on campus,
access all of the servers and our computer at work, and use all of the
restricted access resources like Lexis-Nexis to which out academic status
entitles us.

If only we could figure out a way to teach our classes
over the VPN, there would be no reason to get out of bed for days at
a time! As it is, we prefer the bed for a variety of activities including
reading, talking on the phone, eating (despite Norma Yvonne’s constant
admonitions concerning crumbs), making love (since we are on the topic
of Norma Yvonne), meditating, prepping our classes, listening to music,
watching TV, playing Bridge with fellow fanatics around the globe, worshiping our own personal version of the Almighty and
surfing the internet.

Our wife, unfortunately, does not share our predilection
for under-cover work. She spends her time at home, when not sleeping,
working at her desk, cleaning and arranging and rearranging things around
the house, cooking in the kitchen, talking on the land line, using the
desktop computer or working out on her exercise machine.

We, on the other hand, have devised a series of full-body
exercises which can be performed in bed.  Some of them do not even
require a partner. For example, the Big Top involves creating a tent-like
cave under the covers which the cats can use for rest and recreation.

Unfortunately, exercise like this can be quite exhausting,
requiring prolonged rest and recuperation on our part afterwards. Fortunately,
this can also be accomplished, like the exercise itself, in bed.

To sum up, most of us are born in bed, and hope to die
there someday. Our breif but necessary sojourns out into the cold, cruel world only make jumping back into the warmth and protection of the psuedo-womb a pleasure to be savored
as much as possible.


  1. Mom

    October 3, 2004 @ 11:53 pm


    I believe those tendencies are a direct gift from me. I think you should add my latest one..Yahoo bridge in bed. I have discovered only one small problem. As with TV watching and reading books in bed, the moment always come when you lose consciousness. If this happens when you have 22 points in your hand and you’ve just bid a small slam, you are likely to find yourself on the carpet…booted by your partner.
    Love, Mom

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