Hooray for Frassle


Don’t ya love it when some wish you wanted
to come true suddenly happens without warning or any effort on your
part? Just a couple of weeks ago we
were dreaming
that the next version
of Frassle, Shimon
‘s next-generation blogging environment, would be able to handle
graphics so that we could start using it as a personal content management
as well as an alternate blogging environment.

Last we heard from young Shimon and
his sidekick Josh
they were off to Zurich to unveil the latest iteration
of Frassle at the OSCOM conference. despite their claims to be planning
to keep keep rewriting
the code and adding features before and during the conference, we laughed
to ourselves. Free and on the loose in Europe in the full flower of fall?
October in Paris? And they expect to get any work done?

This impression was reinforced when we read Shimon’s moving
post from Notre Dame
. He was blown away by the cathedral. "Well done,"
we thought, "at least the lad will forget about that silly Frassle for
awhile." Lately we have been a bit worried about young Shimon, as his enthusiasm
for his creation has approached unhealthy obsession.

So imagine our surprise, upon doing a Google search for
an old posting on Dowbrigade News, to discover that the new Frassle beta
was up and that a
complete Frassle version of the Dowbrigade
existed COMPLETE
WITH PHOTOS. A new blogging playground to be explored! We have seen enough
demos of the system to have some idea of what we can do with it. For starters
we are going to have to completely revamp our categories, and actually
start using them! it’s about time.

So, well done, boys. Now please stop over at the Octoberfest
and get drunk on your asses before coming home.  Dowbrigade’s orders.


  1. Shimon Rura

    October 11, 2004 @ 2:10 pm


    Thanks Michael! The new frassle went up just before we left, but the functionality you mentioned – showing pictures – has been there all along. I think when you asked me about that at a Berkman meeting, I thought you meant a special system for posting and storing photos on the frassle server. Image tags within HTML are no problem.

    I did manage to avoid working on frassle for a little while. Most of the work we did was of the thinking and reflecting sort, not the programming sort. Though I did add a nifty little feature to frassle’s post editor that autosaves your work every 30 seconds, so you’re not quite so vulnerable to browser crashes and mis-clicks.

  2. Hans Millard

    July 31, 2005 @ 11:02 am


    sehr gut Saite. Was machen Sie mein Freund?
    keep it up !