Where Are the Peacemakers


Listening to the debates, watching the strutting cocks
trying to out-macho one another, trading tough talk on terrorism and
vowing to hunt down, kill, eliminate, annihilate, preemptively attack
and wipe off the face of the earth anyone who has even thought about
America or an American, a simple query keeps bubbling up in our mind.

Where, amongst the killers and warriors and avengers
of American honor, are the Peacemakers? Where are the Healers, the Truth-Tellers,
the Bringers Together? Where is the modern American Anwar Sadat, Menachim
Begin, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln?

Why are leaders who truly take peace into their hearts,
and try to lay aside the weapons of war, like Gorbachov, Carter and Aristide,
ridiculed and rejected and removed from power? Who will save us from
the madness and chaos that the naked thirst for power threatens to bring
down on the whole of human civilization? The drums of war are beating on both banks of the Potamic. Where are the Peacemakers?

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  1. pascale

    October 18, 2007 @ 7:06 am


    L’Office français de prévention du tabagisme is an medical association which fights against all kinds of smoking. We would like to use this photo (indians smoking peace pipe) to illustrate the cover of an information booklet. Would you please tell us if the rights are free for this photo ?
    Thank you in adavance.