Boston Police to “Take Out” Hooligans


All of Boston remains horrified at the tragic death of journalism
student Victoria
Snelgrove at the hands of Boston Police
last Thursday
morning. Investigations into training and use of "non-lethal" pellet
guns are ongoing, following revelations that the police commander on
the scene
was one of four officers who fired pellets into the faces
of protesters.

What has been the response of the force in the face of even greater
euphoric celebration following the seemingly inevitable victory over St.
Louis? Even great use of force, apparently….

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Reeling from the killing of a college student during post-game rioting
last week, Boston police will show zero tolerance for hooliganism if the
Red Sox win the World Series, the Boston Herald has learned.

"We’re not going to stand back this time,” said one source familiar
with the BPD’s plan to control crowds during Boston’s series with the
St. Louis Cardinals. `"Once they start acting up, we’re going to go
in and
take them out. We have a lot of people (from other departments) helping
us. We have significant resources and they are going to aid us in quelling
disturbances as they arise.”

from the Herald

An unfortunate figure of speech, or are the Boston police really going
to "take out" troublemakers on the streets of Kenmore Square? Shades of Tony
Soprano! This could be the biggest civil confrontation since the last Boston

Meanwhile, panicked city officials are trying to figure out how to defang
the Victory Parade and celebration. Expected to dwarf the Patriot’s Superbowl
celebration in January, when 1.5 MILLION fans mobbed the parade route and
rally site in City Hall Plaza on a weekday morning, the madness could get
seriously out of hand, and the Mayor is haunted by the nightmare scenario
of trashed businesses, clogged arteries and perhaps massive medical emergencies.

If the series goes seven, the parade, traditionally held 2 days after
the victory, would fall on Election Day, keeping uncountable thousands
away from the polls and perhaps making the polls along the route completely
inaccessible. On the positive side, it might keep everybody a bit more
sober, as alcohol sales are prohibited on election day in Massachusetts.

Latest rumors are that the Mayor is considering lengthening the parade
route to cover the entire 26.4 mile route of the Boston Marathon, so as
to spread the crowd out, and eliminate the City Hall rally altogether. Uncomfortably
close to his office, we guess. Stay tuned for updates….


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