The Nuclear Option

The situation in Fallujah is a deadly puzzle.  If
anywhere in the world could be called Terrorism Central, this is the
place The entire city and its suburbs has been in the hands of the rebels
since the marines pulled out in April, and since that time Fallujah has
been the headquarters of the insurgency. It has been a gathering place
for jihadists and Iraqi homegrown terrorists, as well as home base for
the thousands of foreign killers and fanatics who have flocked to Iraq
to answer the call of the Mullahs and the Architect of Evil, Osama bin

In addition, Fallujah is the presumed location of Abu
Mussib Al Zarqawi
, the gristly author of kidnappings and beheadings
of Americans and our
allies. This is the hard core of international terrorism. This is the

They have control of a fully functioning city, with hospitals,
schools, restaurants, metal shops and tons of arms and munitions.  The
resistance was more community based during the fierce battles of the
spring.  Since the marines pulled back and left the city in the
hands of the insurgents, most of the civilian population has fled while
the city itself has been slowly flattened by US artillery and air strikes.

Replacing the civilians has been a steady stream of rebel
fighters, Iraqis filtering in from all corners of the occupied country,
foreigners slipping over the borders of Iran and Syria and veterans of
a thousand battles fresh from blowing up American boys and girls or massacring
Iraqi recruits and looking to kick back in town for whatever R and R
is allowed in a fundamentalist Islamic death cult.

Fallujah is an open sore on the glistening hide of the
American occupation, an open defiance of our aim, our progress, our way
of life.
It is an organizing point for the resistance, and everyone agrees something
must be done about it.  But what.

A full frontal assault on the mazes of ruins and
tunnels which Fallujah has become would wipe out more than half of the
hard core resistance fighters in Iraq, and a majority of the foreign
fanatics who have flocked to the cause. It would also result in the highest
American casualties in he war to date.  Nevertheless, support is
strong for a clean sweep.  "We have all the rats in one maze, and
it would be a major error to let them slip away," according to a source
who declined to be identified.

Quietly, voices within the administration are advocating
an even more radical solution to the problem of Fallujah  "Since
the civilian population have largely fled the city and so many of our
enemies are in one place, this may be the perfect opportunity for a tactical
nuclear weapon," the same unnamed source said.

Personally, we feel the negative repercussions and the
possible retaliations will dissuade the administration from such madness,
but to some it is an attractive option.  With the national mood
one of anxious anticipation of a terrorist nuclear attack on the US,
fed by the Vice President and others, there is a growing feeling that
THEM before they nuke US.

Although we don’t think they could get away with it, we
wouldn’t put it past them to try a variation on the plan.  What
if there WAS a terrorist nuclear weapon, and it was in Fallujah, and
it went off "accidentally"? A nice, clean, glowing exorcism, and NOT
FAULT.This is probably not a practical possibility, but if we were
one of the last remaining residents of Fallujah, and one morning we noticed
all off the American and allied troops pulling WAAAY back, we would be
very worried…..

article from the Boston Globe

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you call Falluja “Terrorist Central”, because Saddam was the mastermind behind 911, right?

  2. Hans Millard says:

    sehr gut Saite. Was machen Sie mein Freund?
    keep it up !

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