Bad Moon Rising

The Bad Things have started to happen. The cosmic
balance has been upset, the gods are angry, and there’ll be hell to pay.
One day after the triumphant Victory Parade through the rain-drenched
streets of Boston, celebrating the end of an 86 year-old curse, the New
England Patriots were annihilated by the Pittsburgh Steelers, ending the
longest winning streak in the 84 year history of the NFL.

But we fear there is more to come, and not all on the playing field, further retribution
for a Pyrrhic victory which felt false and hollow even as the storied
St. Louis nine folded like a house of cards. After the final out we felt
like an 86-year old virgin who finally gets some and asks in disgusted
disbelief, "That’s IT?"

Signs of the approaching apocalypse abound; Crazy Harold just checked in from Boca Raton to tell us that HE just received
a call from Red Sox ace Curt Shilling, ordering him to vote for Bush.
Dick Cheney spent 14 hours in the air to attend a 2-hour rally in Hawaii,
which has 4 electoral votes. The race is so close that both sides have
pulled out the Big Guns.  The gloves were dropped long ago. Our
advice at this point is to hunker down and watch the show, but beware
collateral damage.

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