What Exactly is a Blog Posting?


Last week at the Thursday Night Berkman
Blogger’s group
, we were privileged to witness a series of three
presentations, betas of soon-to-be-delivered papers from a conference
on Personal Knowledge Management, which seems to be one step up from
Information Management and one step down from a pet project of our own,
Personal Wisdom Management.

Although we are sworn to secrecy on the content of these
talks, at least until the date of their presentation, on the theory that
if we spill the beans on how boring they are nobody will bother to come
(no, just joking), there was one slide that piqued our interest and
started us thinking. It was
different formats of blog postings.  Of course, we immediately thought
of a few additions and modifications, so we would like to propose our

Taxonomy of Blog Postings

(These 11 categories refer to form, not content of postings)

1) Title and link only – title can be URL or a few words,
just enough to attach the link to

2) Short excerpt, with a link to the original article
or posting (a few words to a few paragraphs)

3) Short excerpt, with commentary by the host and a
link to the original – probably the most common format

4) A longer excerpt or entire article by another author,
interspersed with multiple commentary by host – different authors can be
denoted by indentation, italics, quotation marks, etc.

5) Original short posting (with or without links)

6) Longer original pieces, columns, articles, stories,

7) Roundup review of an ongoing discussion or topic
with multiple links to all or selected participants

8) Photo or graphic image only

9) Photo with commentary or caption and link

10) Audio post – mp3, .aiff, .wav

11) Video post – Shockwave, .avi., QT

So readers, anything occur to you that we have left
out? Any categories here which could be combined? Of course, aggregators
can aggregate more kinds of information, such as newspaper articles,
bit torrent files, and automatically generated weather reports, but we
will leave it to someone else to come up with a taxonomy of aggreble
objects We are just trying to come up with a list into which all known
blog posting can be fit.

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