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Origami Architecture


Photo by Dowbrigade (note busted off stub of driverside mirror)

With no Thursday Night Bloggers meeting tomorrow we will be looking for something to do……

Thursday, Nov. 11 KNOW HOW TO FOLD ‘EM

Sure, origami is exact, but is it a science? You bet. When space engineers need to fold a telescope into a tiny probe, they call an origami wizard like Robert Lang, a former engineer who has invented ways to fold single sheets of paper into an astonishing menagerie of beetles, dinosaurs, and birds — to say nothing of his famous Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. Now a full-time origami artist and pioneer in the field of "origami math," Lang will talk about his work in a lecture on Thursday at the Stata Center, surely Cambridge’s most origami-like building. MIT, Stata Center, Room 123, 32 Vassar St., Cambridge. Call 617-253-2341 for information. At 7 p.m. Free.

from the Boston Globe

Lack of Discretion Award


A Norwegian couple who had sex on stage at a rock
festival have caused more controversy at their court appearance.
Tommy Hol Ellingsen, 28, dropped his trousers and showed his penis during
a break in the proceedings at Kristiansand City Court.

"We would have liked to have f###ed here in court as well, it’s a
nice space, but we would probably be thrown in jail," he told Nettavisen.

Ellingsen and his 21-year-old girlfriend, Leona Johansson, dressed in children’s
clothes for the occasion, both pleaded not guilty.

from Ananova

Quick – Declare Victory and Go Home


The news media are declaring a smashing military victory in Fallujah
against a non-existent enemy:

NEAR FALLUJAH, Iraq-Nov 9, 2004 U.S. troops
powered their way into the center
of the
of Fallujah
small bands of guerrillas with massive force, searching homes along
the city’s deserted, narrow passageways and using loudspeakers to try
goad militants onto the streets.

from ABC News

Now THATS a promising tactic. Drive up and down the streets of Fallujah
with loudspeakers and bullhorns blazing with "Nyah, nyah, you’re chicken"
and "Allah is a pansy, whatcha gonna do about it."! That’ll convince
them to come out of hiding, betray their cause and throw their lives
at the feet of our shocking and awesome display of post-apocolypic firepower.

Face it, guys, they’re gone. Just declare victory and get back to your
fortified barracks. We predicted this two
days ago
. Latest reports confirm:

"We don’t know how many people can go underground, simply go back
into the population, or how many can escape what is a loose surrounding
force around the city," said military analyst Tony Cordesman, an
ABC News consultant. "We have to understand this is a battle.
It is not a war."

also from ABC

Its not even a battle, its a feint and an impressive and expensive display
of American military muscle. Unfortunately, as they say in sports commentary,
the home team (not us) is setting the pace of the game.

Quick – Declare Victory and Go Home