Rush Limbaugh Eliminates PEST

Rush Limbaugh is being taken to task for mercilessly "mocking" distraught
Kerry supporters in need of recuperative therapy. Hey, anybody who looks
to Rush for Mental Health advice deserves whatever they get….

The Boca Raton News reported last week that more than 30 distraught
Kerry supporters in South Florida contacted the non-profit AHA
following their candidate’s Nov.
3 concession to President Bush. AHA officials have diagnosed the disorder
as Post Election Selection Trauma (PEST) and have scheduled the
first of several
free group therapy sessions for just after Thanksgiving.

Cooperman, whose professional practice is based in Delray Beach, said the
election-related symptoms she sees in the Kerry supporters more than quality
PEST as "a legitimate
syndrome or disorder within the trauma spectrum," according to the American
Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

article from Boca
Raton News

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3 Responses to Rush Limbaugh Eliminates PEST

  1. adamg says:

    Remind me again what l’il Rushie was convicted of …

  2. Hans Millard says:

    sehr gut Saite. Was machen Sie mein Freund?
    keep it up !

  3. I have just written something very similar on my blog – great minds think alike!

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