Build a Vacation Home for Under $500

One of the things we learned on our recently completed
Great Experiment is that economic reality is like all other realities;
strictly local in jurisdiction. Comfortably deep in an Andean valley,
nestled beneath snow capped mountains and beside a crystal mountain stream,
we watched as our sons raised a series of tourist bungalos for under
$500 each. For a quick primer on how to construct a simple house
in adobe (the original, not Photoshop), CLICK HERE

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22 Responses to Build a Vacation Home for Under $500

  1. Albert Pelevedov says:

    This is very interesting. Is there a cost for the land? How much are the utilities?

  2. Michael Feldman says:

    Of course there is a cost for the land, but it is very cheap by American standards. A lot with 30 meters of riverfront and 15-20 meters of depth (river to road) can be had for a few thousand dollars. Of course, buying land is problematic if one is not a resident or married to a citizen. Joey has plans to add 4 or 5 more cabins and is looking to buy another piece of land on the other side of the river and build a bridge.

  3. the old man says:

    Where is the loo?

  4. Mom says:

    I feel certain that shovels are provided. That and an old copy of The New York Times should do the trick.

  5. Misho says:

    Very nice

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  17. My goodness that’s cheap! Quite out of date now but the same will always apply – if you look to far away places the costs can be incredible in contrast to prices in the developed world.

    You’ve got me thinking…


  18. Jeez that is low in cost. I am going to download it for a laugh but I have a funny feeling I wont be able to do that here in Scotland. I will give it a go thou.

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