A Beer with Your Cheese?

London, Nov 26 : France is known as the cheese capital of
the world and Vieux Boulogne, a cheese made from cows’ milk and matured
by washing with beer has been declared France’s smelliest cheese by a panel
of cheese experts.

Experts at the Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, said that the cheese
smelled of unwashed feet and unwashed tom cats, which was probably due
to the kind of beer it was washed with, reports the

Pont L’Ejaque, a brine-washed cheese from Normandy was voted the second
smelliest cheese while Camembert, the mostly widely imitated cheese in
the world, was rated third.
The ten smelliest cheeses were:

1 Vieux Boulogne: cows’ milk cheese from Pas de Calais. 2 Pont l’Ejaque:
cows’ milk cheese from Normandy. 3 Camembert de Chienmort: cows’ milk
cheese. 4 Menstruel: cows’ milk cheese from Alsace-Lorraine. 5 Brie de
Merde: cows’
milk cheese from Ile de France. 6 Entrailles: sheep’s milk
cheese from near Toulouse. 7 Rancevomi: cows’ milk cheese from Savoie region.
8 Lingots
Vertes: cows’ milk cheese from Normandy. 9 Banon: goats’ milk cheese from
Provence. 10 Sueur de Sanglier: cows’ milk cheese from Burgundy.(ANI)

from ANI

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