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Ask the Magic Box


often ask my father, the Dowbrigade, why he spends so much time blogging. It
seems like such a waste of time. Even if people are reading it, they
affect your life so what differnce does it make?

He said a blog is like a magic box that can
get you anything in the world you need, if you know how to ask it
the right way. I told him I needed a job and a place to live
before my step-mother Norma gets back from Ecuador. He told me to write
it as a blog posting so here goes.

I am 20 years old and have just returned to
the states from helping my brother build and administer a small hotel
in the Andes mountains of Peru. I am studying Psychologyat a local
community college (Bunker Hill) but most of my classes are in the evenings
so I can work different times. At least until I am sure I can handle
all my classes I don’t want to commit to more than 25 hours a week,
so what I really need is a part-time job.

I am pretty good with a keyboard and know Office
and doing research on the Web. I am friendly and get along well with
people. I am also strong and healthy and not afraid of physical
work. Also, I am fluent in Spanish and have supervised Spanish-speaking
workers at construction sites.

So far, I have interviewed at a temp agency for a permanent
job in their headquarters, at a theater company that needs a stage manager,
at an environmental PAC and with two start-up companies, plus some restaurants.
I have been offered two positions so far, but unfortunately both of the
offers said they would be unable to pay me until some time in the future.

Finally, I am also looking for a roommate situation
since living with the Dowbrigade and Norma Yvonne in their one-bedroom
apartment in Watertown definitely isn’t going to work. However, I would
like to remain nearby so I can wash my clothes, raid the refrigerator
and ask Dad for loans.

posted by Gabriel