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American Dogs


BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – Al-Qaida’s arm in Iraq released a video Saturday showing
its militants lining up five captured Iraqi security officers and executing
them in the street, the latest move in a campaign to intimidate Iraqis and target
those who collaborate with U.S.-led forces.

A statement posted on an Islamist
Web site along with the video denounced the
five security officers as "American dogs" and warns other Iraqis they
would meet the same fate if they join the security forces. In the video, the
five men are seen lined up, their hands bound behind their backs, and shot in
the back on a street in front of passers-by.

That’s another thing we don’t like about Islamic terrorists
– they got no respect for dogs. Dogs are the noblest, truest and
most faithful beings on the planet. When the going gets rough, the only
one a guy can trust IS his dog. That dog DOES hunt. Its a dog eat dog world.
Every dog has his day, despite these degenerates attempts to denigrate
the canine species. We take offense. Our dog takes offense. All decent
beings take deep offense at the whole terrorist trip.

from AP