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New Calendar Threatens Cheesecake


A US physicist is lobbying for people to adopt his novel calendar in which
every date falls on the same day of the week each year.

The current calendar, which runs for 365 days, was instituted by Pope
Gregory in 1582 to bring the length of the year in line with the seasons.
But because
the Earth actually orbits the Sun every 365.24 days, a 366-day "leap
year" must be added every four years to account for the extra fraction
of a day. In this Gregorian system, a given date (such as New Year’s
Day) falls on different days of the week in different years because 365
is not
evenly divisible by seven.

That means new calendars must be printed every year, and the dates for
recurring events constantly recalculated. "For many years, I’ve had
to make up a new schedule to tell my class when homework is due," says
Dick Henry, a physicist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland,
US. "Here I am putting all this totally unnecessary work in and
I decided I better do something about it."

That means we won’t need a new calendar every year. What’ll happen
to the cheesecake calendar industry?

from New Scientist