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But How Could They Tell?


were shocked, frankly, shocked to read in this morning’s Boston
that the US Government has been distributing
pro-Administration propaganda disguised as fair and balanced news reporting.
Question: If you can’t trust the major news media, and you can’t trust
the US government news, who can you trust? Answer: The Dowbrigade
News – you can trust that everything published on these pages is of dubious
pedigree and open to question.

WASHINGTON — Shortly before last year’s Super Bowl, local
news stations across the country aired a story by Mike Morris describing
plans for a new White House ad campaign on the dangers of drug abuse.

What viewers did not know was that Morris is not a journalist
and his ”report" was produced by the government, actions which constituted
illegal ”covert propaganda," according to an investigation by the
Government Accountability Office.

Although television stations knew the materials were produced
by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, there was nothing in the
two-minute, prepackaged reports that would indicate to viewers that they
came from the government or that Morris, a former journalist, was working
under contract for the government.

from the Washington Post