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Jesus Saves



MORAKETIYA, Sri Lanka, Jan. 19 -A dozen Americans walked into a relief
camp here, showering bereft parents and traumatized children with gifts,
attention and affection. They also quietly offered camp residents something
else: Jesus.

The Americans, who all come from one church in Texas, have staged plays detailing
the life of Jesus and had children draw pictures of him, camp residents said.
They have told parents who lost children that they should still believe in God,
and held group prayers where they tried to heal a partly paralyzed man and a
deaf 12year-old girl.

The attempts at proselytizing are angering local Christian leaders, who worry
that they could provoke a violent backlash against Christians in Sri Lanka, a
predominantly Buddhist country that is already a religious tinderbox.

from the New York Times

Nothing to Worry About, Folks


So there we were, getting on the Green Line “B” train in Park Street Station, and we couldn’t help noticing that the gentleman sitting opposite us was dressed in a white full-body hazardous materials non-contamination suit, with a big fishbowl helmet and shiny silver gloves. He was carrying some kind of an electronic detector, and kept glancing at a digital readout on top.

Although accustomed to bizarre behavior and attire on the “T” we were somewhat taken aback, it being so far after Halloween. Somehow we suspected it was related to the recent terrorist warnings of radioactive contamination in Boston.

“We didn’t realize the government is taking those threats so seriously,” we noted nervously to a neighbor, hoping he couldn’t hear us through the suit.

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” his voice muffled and metallic, “I just work at the BU Bio-lab”

BOSTON (Reuters) – Police carrying radiation detectors patrolled Boston’s subway system on Friday after the FBI added another 10 names to a list of people it wants to question over a reported “dirty bomb” plot in the city.

Authorities reassured area residents that there was no cause for panic two days after an uncorroborated tip triggered a Federal Bureau of Investigation manhunt. Media reports spoke of threats to explode a so-called “dirty bomb” which disperses low-level radioactive material.

from Reuters