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Real Life Romeo and Juliette


ROME (Reuters) – An Italian pensioner committed suicide after his wife fell into
a coma, but just hours after he killed himself the woman woke up, Italian media
reported on Saturday.
Recalling the end of "Romeo and Juliet," the 70-year-old man, Ettore,
who had sat by his wife’s bedside for four months after she slipped into a coma
following a heart attack, finally gave up hope and gassed himself in the garage
of his family home.

Less than a day later, his wife, Rossana, woke up in her hospital bed in Padua
and immediately asked for him.

Her first words were "Is the son of a bitch gone yet?"

The northern town of Padua lies just 40 miles from Verona, where star-crossed
lover Romeo killed himself believing Juliet to have died. But minutes later
Juliet woke up and seeing Romeo dead, stabbed herself.

Upon first seeing the play, we refused to believe anybody, even
love-struck teenagers, could be as retarded as Romeo and Juliette. Guess
it’s a regional, Northern Italian kinda thing….

from Reuters

Pentagon Creates Secret Spy Service on the Sly


today reports that the Defense Department on instructions
from the Defense Secretary, appearantly unhappy with the intelligence
they were getting from the CIA, has established a separate intelligence
agency. Tired of all those pessimistic worryworts over in Langley whining
about quagmires and exit strategies, the administration hopes that
the new agency can come up with a less pessimistic, more uplifting product
the President’s
morning intellignece breifings….

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon, expanding into the CIA’s historic bailiwick,
has created an espionage arm and is reinterpreting US law to give Defense
Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld broad authority over clandestine operations
abroad, according to interviews with participants and documents obtained
by the Washington Post.

The previously undisclosed organization, called the Strategic
Support Branch, arose from Rumsfeld’s written order to end his ”near
total dependence on CIA" for what is known as human intelligence.

And not a moment too soon. From the Dowbrigade’s point of view,
there has been an alarming lack of human intellignece in Washington
for the

from the
Washington Post via the Boston Globe