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Now, Where Did That Go? Just Follow the Glow…


WASHINGTON — A container of radioactive equipment turned up at a
shipping facility in Chelsea this week, prompting a Massachusetts congressman
to call for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to keep better track of
materials that terrorists could use to launch a ”dirty bomb" attack.

The container held devices that use the radioactive element americium
to probe oil wells. It had been imported from Russia by Halliburton Energy
Services and was bound for Houston, but was shipped from Newark to Boston
by mistake.

The Halliburton Co. shipment of radioactive material went missing in
October but the company didn’t alert government authorities until this
Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials said Thursday.

Wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago that the entire law enforcement
establishment of Massachusetts, backed by the shadowy squads of WMD SQUAT
teams with everything from bomb-sniffing dogs to mobile radiation detectors
and secret satellite imagery were scouring the area for evidence of a reported
"Dirty bomb"
squadron? And this stuff was sitting in a
warehouse in Chelsea, between the bodegas and taquerias, and they didn’t
have a clue?

stories like this make anyone else feel that the homeland is less than
completely secure? Is this part of a government-sponsored psychological
campaign to keep Americans on the edge of their seats, deeply rooted
in semi-conscious
terror, or merely more evidence of potentially deadly incompetence?
Does the insidious involvement of Haliburton, emerging as a sort of
corporate KGB, argue in favor of either of these possibilities, or
of both simultaneously?

The Orwellian transformation of American society rolls on. The
Department of Homeland Security has us feeling profoundly insecure. The
War Against Terrorism has us personally terrified. The ingenuous imbecility
of the "intelligence" community has lured us into a vicious war to establish
peace and democracy. Go figure. Go Patriots.

from the
Boston Globe