90 Days in the Cage

Make sure you have your file sharing programs set to DOWNLOAD ONLY!
And stay away from Arizona. And don’t try this at home! Is my review-only
copy of Constantine done yet?

PHOENIX – A University of Arizona student has been sentenced in Mesa
to three months incarceration in a movie and music piracy case.

Eighteen-year-old Parvin Dhaliwal of Mesa was accused of uploading digital
copies of recently released movies and music.

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas says the defendant pleaded guilty
to possession of unauthorized copies of intellectual property, which
is a felony.

Thomas says the illegally copied material included movies that at the
time they were copied were only showing in theaters.

Besides incarceration, Dhaliwal also was sentenced to three years’ probation,
200 hours of community service, and fined 54-hundred dollars.

He also was ordered to take a copyright class at the U-of-A and to avoid
file sharing computer programs.

from KVOA Channel
, Tucson

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