Why Does Love Have to Be So Sad?

WINNIPEG – A lovestruck American who tried to walk from North Dakota to Winnipeg is recovering from severe frostbite in a hospital in Manitoba.

The man from Los Angeles was on his way to meet his internet sweetheart but didn’t count on the Prairie winter.Gonsoulin said he planned to take a bus from Winnipeg to Quebec to be with a woman he met in a chat room for people suffering from depression.

Charles Gonsoulin got lost after setting out from Pembina, N.D., last Saturday with the intent to sneak across the border to Winnipeg, more than 100 kilometres away.

"When I found him, he was babbling and incoherent," Cpl. Don McKenna of the Emerson RCMP told the Winnipeg Free Press. "His hands were black and frozen solid. He didn’t know who he was or where he was."

Gonsoulin, who may lose some fingers, has been charged with entering the country illegally.

from CBC News

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