Podcasting a Wider Shadow

The Boston
came out with a semi-major
on Podcasting
today, but they really seem to have missed the point. Instead of
commenting on some of the popular experimental podcasts and/or exploring
the time-shifting or educational potential of ‘casting, they concentrate
on their commercial potential, or lack thereof. Well, what do you expect,
the article is in the Business section…

”As is the case with advertising
on blogs, there seems to be some potential," writes
David Moore via e-mail. Moore is CEO of 24/7Media, an advertising network
based in
too early
to tell if there is a serious market opportunity there."

Dave Winer disagrees, and makes a good point.

When I suggested to Winer that podcasting might be supported by ads,
like commercial radio, or sponsorship, like public radio, or subscription,
like satellite radio, he had a quick comeback. ”The assumption is
this must be exactly like every other medium that has come before," he
says. ”It’s different. It has different economics."

We are feeling increasingly old-fashioned, as we haven’t really even
gotten used to ads on blogs yet….

from today’s Boston Globe

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