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Comic of the Day

created by Ted Rall

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Ritter Predicts June Attack

An email report we received from a gold investor’s list claims ex-weapons inspector Scott Ritter gave a speech Friday in Olympia, Washington, in which he stated George Bush has seen and signed off on plans to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities … Continue reading

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Insult Upon Injury

Yesterday, accompanied by Dr. P.J. Sinestro, a chiropractor with obscure mob connections buried deeply in his past, the Dowbrigade took in a Boston University Men’s Varsity Basketball joust with local rival Northeastern. College sports is one of the last remaining … Continue reading

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The Doctor Has Left the House

Long before the current obsession with "Citizen Journalism" one man stood tall and rejected the ludicrous and self-serving myth of "journalistic objectivity". His name was Hunter Thompson and he called his approach to writing about the world "Gonzo Journalism." Yesterday … Continue reading

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The Name Game

Scientists may be serious people, engaged in the pursuit of objective truth. But when it comes to naming species, they often let their hair down. So the insect world has Heerz tooya, Apopyllus now and Pieza pi and Pieza rhea, … Continue reading

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The Golden Hour

We sometimes get so caught up in the whining and kvetching we do on a daily basis that we lose sight of the fact that we are really among the most blessed of men, as part of a generation which … Continue reading

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Bush Admits to Smoking Pot

WASHINGTON, Feb. 19 – As George W. Bush was first moving onto the national political stage, he often turned for advice to an old friend who secretly taped some of their private conversations, creating a rare record of the future … Continue reading

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Inns and Outs of Love Hotels

In what could be a very interesting retirement investment opportunity, the ailing "Love Hotel" industry in Japan is looking for foreign investors. Since new erections are so expensive in a fevered real-estate market like Japan’s, refurbishing and renovating existing hotels … Continue reading

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On Our Permanent Record

This weeks meeting of the Berkman Thursday Bloggers Salon was certainly atypical.  For one, it was being filmed by and ABC crew for a story on Nightline. For another, and perhaps as a result, it was the best attended meeting … Continue reading

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Dangerous Games

Lebanon, the modern incarnation of the Phoenician Empire, is in the news again. The latest development has the US and UN poobahs trying to use the recent assassination of Rafik Harari to pressure Syria to withdraw from Lebanon after 15 years … Continue reading

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We Know It When We See It – This Is Art

Forever fated to play the poor step-sister, Boston Univeristy is prepared to go to any length to get attention and exposure. (see Membrum Virile Envy) BU’s new porn mag, "boink" is ready to hit the newsstands. Except that so far no … Continue reading

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North Korean Rock Band: FU*KING USA!

Suddenly, video is flying around the net like debris flung from an explosives-rigged homicide ambulance. One of our far-flung sources forwards a pretty authentic-looking propaganda film commemorating the recent birthday of North Korean President Kim Jong-Il, notorious videophile and collector … Continue reading

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