Ten Days Later….

Tonight, after numerous false alarms, ABC is set to
go with the segment they filmed at the Bloggers@Berkman
days ago. As the inimitable Mike
put it, it would have been better
if they had never come. What does it say about us if we need the validation
of network news to feel good about what we are doing? Nevertheless, we
will probably watch, tonight, at 11:30, on ABC (5 in Boston).

‘EM, BLOG ‘EM       

March 8, 2005

Got something to say? Got access to the Internet?You’re one step away
from being a blogger. And these days, bloggers are having an affect on
politics, news, on everything, really. And blogs are changing the way
we do news. There’s no doubt about it. …

… Tonight, correspondent John Donvan will tell the story about a high
school teacher whose blog led to political change in her state. Tonight’s
piece is a fascinating one. Turns out that as John and producer
Elissa Rubin were conducting interviews with bloggers,they were being

The bloggers had some interesting opinions, to say the least. And as
this program airs (and this e-mail is read by
viewers), there’s no doubt that bloggers will blog about it.

You wish!]

We hope you’ll tune in, along with the bloggers. Photo by Andy
the Hobo Traveler

Zena Barakat & the "Nightline" Staff
ABC News Washington Bureau

here is the Bloggers side of the story

here is the definitive Steve Garfield video
of the event

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  1. Skadz says:

    Psst, ABC is 5 in Boston, it’s 7 in NY 🙂

  2. If I could get ABC in my restaurant then I be in bliss, hidden camera or right in the front door, your most welcome ABC-News

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