Creeping Commercialiization Thru Promiscuous Partnering

COVE, Tenn. — The job posting for a new director of tourism for the
National Park Service cites the usual requirements: expertise with
budgets, ability to set priorities. But a new skill — the ability
to ”create, nurture, and expand tourism programs that promote private
sector support" — has environmentalists worrying about creeping
commercialization and added strain on already overburdened parks.

”It smacks of heavy corporate involvement," said Jeff
Ruck, director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, outlining
the first of several concerns with the position. ”Marketing tactics could
influence policy and lead to promiscuous partnering. That would allow wholesale
commercialization and ‘Disney-fy’ our national parks."

Why not create an additional revenue stream by selling naming rights to the National
Parks, like we do with Pro sports arenas? We could have the "Hanna
Barbara Jellystone National Park," the "Pfizer Viagra Arcadia National
Park" (slogan:
Get it up and Go!), Absolut Glacier National Park, Monsato Sequoia National
Park, Prince Spagetti Prince William Forest, Oil of Olay Dry Tortuga
National Park, Halliburton’s Badlands National Park. R.J. Reynolds Great
Smoky National Park, etc. The possibilities for merchandising and advertising
tie-ins are endless.

from the Boston Globe

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