The Blogs in the Machine

"Who in the White House knew that Jeff Gannon was
an assumed name, was not a legitimate journalist and was merely a shill
for the Administration, for more than two years, nearly three years?"
Rep. John Conyers (D-MI)

A very interesting article in today’s Financial Tiimes, titled "Blogs
in the machine
" concerning the topic of the week – the intersection between
blogging and mainstream media. It covers the ground well, but doesn’t
really go anywhere.

One of the main persecutors of John Kerry was a blog called,
whose editor also happens to run GOPUSA, described as a "conservative
news, information and design company, dedicated to promoting conservative

The Washington correspondent for Talon was a man named Jeff Gannon, who
made himself conspicuous during White House press conferences for deflecting
difficult questions from other reporters by asking the softest of questions.
Gannon was a welcome guest on such conservative MSM outlets as Fox News,
and he “reported” on his website that John Kerry might be gay. It took
another blogger,, to expose Gannon as a homosexual "escort"
named James Guckert, who had no journalistic credentials and advertised
his services on websites such as He had been refused
a press pass for Congress, but had no problem getting into the White

We remember seeing this story the first time it washed through the news
cycle, but it wasn’t even a blip on the radar screen until Markos Moulitsas
( caught the significance
of the story and held it up to the light of day.

from the Financial Times

original New Yorker article

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