Antisocial Insecurity

The posturing and maneuvering around Social
Security is developing into the grandest act of tawdry government
prestidigitation in our lifetimes, and maybe in the lifetime of the nation

A lot of big words, catchy tag lines and complicated economic explanations
are flying around, but the bottom line is that someone, in the greatest
fiscal scam of all times, figured how to make 5 trillion dollars disappear.

All the speeches and excuses and accusations cannot hide the fact that
one of the greatest thefts of social capital in history has taken place,
and the powers that be are racing around trying to hide the magnitude
of the theft and divert public attention from the true nature of the
problem. We believe their efforts are doomed to failure, and within a
relatively short period of time it will be obvious to even the dimmest
American workers
theft of THEIR MONEY has taken place.

Most American workers don’t understand trickle down economics, or deficit
budgeting, or the intricacies of intra-government borrowing. But they
are going to understand when it comes time for them to retire and they
are told that the tens of thousands of dollars they have contributed
into the Social Security system over the years isn’t there any more.

The Dowbrigade, for example, has been faithfully if reluctantly handing
over hundreds of dollars a month now for over 30 years.  How dare
those mealy mouthed bastards come back to us now saying "Gee, sorry,
not sure how it happened, but YOUR MONEY ISN’T THERE ANYMORE! But it
our fault, but if you’ll lend us ANOTHER SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS we’ll
fix it, and make sure it doesn’t happen again."

How dumb do they think we are? We know, pretty damn dumb, but NOT THAT

Now, our unapologetic leadership is telling us that in 2018 (coincidentally,
the year the Dowbrigade hits the magic age of 65) the system will no
longer be taking in enough new money to pay existing contributors.
Duh. But that means for the last 50 years (and the next 13) they were
taking in MUCH more than they needed to pay current retirees. We thought
the whole idea of Social Security was to SAVE that excess, building up
a reserve so that the system would remain solvent during the demographic
blip represented
the Baby Boom generation, and get through the 15 years or so until the
boomers die off and the current cash flow balance gets back into the
black again.

It’s not like they couldn’t see this coming. The whole purpose of government,
the motivation for its creation, the main reason human society has put
up with the sleazebags and psychopaths  attracted to "public
service" since before the time of Solomon, was to save the excess during
the fat years in order
to get
us through
the lean years. The problem
is that for the ruling class in America today there ARE no lean years.
How many of these high government officials and pontificating politicians
do you think are going to be depending on Social Security in the upcoming
years? NONE, that’s how many.

When the gig is up, and it won’t be long now, we foresee massive public
uprisings, desperate Gray Panthers in the streets, rebels of the 60’s,
now in their 60’s and
marching down Pennsylvania avenue in their walkers and wheelchairs,
a lot more to be pissed off about than an unjust war. Our generation
is not going to go gently into the night, ladies and gentlemen, selling
pencils and apples
on streetcorners
for a handout or a job bagging groceries at Win-Dixie. The government
has no idea what kind of a shitstorm of protest and civil disobedience
they are in for.

Not only will administration after administration fall on the shoals
of this unsolved problem, we would not be surprised to see massive tax
strikes, destitute seniors setting themselves on fire on the White House
lawn, recall ballots and even retroactive impeachments and indictments
of every official
the last
30 years
who instigated
acquiesced in
the massive fraud that stole that money from honest, hard-working Americans.
We expect organized and spontaneous street protests that will make the
Vietnam war marches look like the
St. Patrick
Day parade.

This is the big one, folks.  We have all been
taken to the cleaner by a bunch of corrupt millionaires and politicians
who have mortgaged
our golden years for vacation homes in the Bahamas and Swiss bank accounts
that assure that  their progeny will not have to worry about Social
Security, or anything else, for many generations to come. And the saddest
and most scandalous part  is that the whole thing was orchestrated
by the one institution that most Americans still believe in – the US
Federal Government.  But
not for long.

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2 Responses to Antisocial Insecurity

  1. gordon chow says:

    you don’t get it,do you???this is not the 60’s….GEORGE W.BUSH knows you seniors are going to roll over and play dead when he and his buddies steal the “7 trillion dollars” from under your nose.He can do what ever he wants now because he doesn’t need to get re-elected again.THE LEFT are not organized as the RIGHT WING spin doctors to take the 2008 election.

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