American Babel

2005 has been officially designated the "Year of Languages."
Who knew?

In November 1979, I was part of a presidential commission that asked
the federal government to commit $180 million in new funds to create
language program that might well have prepared us to meet today’s
crises. The money requested would have enabled us to improve foreign
competency and cultural awareness at all levels: to educate our children
to meet the 21st century; to address the needs in undergraduate and
advanced studies; to advance international research and teaching
through academic and scholarly exchanges; to create an informed electorate
through citizen education in international affairs.

Kids, meet the 21st century.  21st century,
meet the kids. As to the need to speak more than one language,
hey, if those furriners couldn’t be bothered to learn English, who cares
they have to say?

John A. Rassias, writing in the Boston
about American
language chauvinism

The Dowbrigade on the same subject

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