Campus Notes

The New York Times has an article about Liz Smith
and the difficulty of being a star-friendly gossip columist in a world
of smarmy and snide blogs…

today’s gossip world, being kind is hardly an option. "The
Internet and blogs have returned gossip to its earliest human roots –
the kind
gossip that
the priests
was a venal
sin," said Ms. Gerhart. "You can make it up. You can speculate
wildly. You can accuse people of the most taboo practices, all in this
sort of merry way."

The buzz around campus has it that during the recent
full moon THE DOWBRIGADE discovered Harvard President LAWRENCE SUMMERS
and commie columnist
MAUREEN DOWD sitting naked around a fire on the steps of WIDENER LIBRARY
tatooing Nazi insignia on the bodies of drugged undergraduates.

from the New York Times

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