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Granola Heads Vs.Fruit Loopies at Harvard

Angry cereal fans are lashing out after Harvard University cleared its dining halls this school year of brand-name cereals, such as Fruit Loops and Cap’n Crunch, and swapped them for less expensive, apparently healthier options like Tootie Fruities and Colossal … Continue reading

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A New Generation of Sumo Style

TOKYO (Reuters) – A tussle has broken out in Japan’s tradition-bound sumo world over the right to wear pants in the ring. Gargantuan sumo wrestlers generally compete naked but for a "mawashi," an arrangement of wrapped cloth that preserves a … Continue reading

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Antisocial Insecurity

The posturing and maneuvering around Social Security is developing into the grandest act of tawdry government prestidigitation in our lifetimes, and maybe in the lifetime of the nation itself. A lot of big words, catchy tag lines and complicated economic … Continue reading

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Who’s A Rat?

Sean Bucci hates narcs, and with good reason. He was turned in on marijuana charges by a trusted "friend". So seven months ago he started a web site to "Out" narcs and paid informants. He is especially incensed by folks … Continue reading

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Pink Sox Prevail

The swamp presses close to Alligator Alley out near the midriff of the State of Florida, overgrown sawgrass creeping close to the highway, and science-fiction pneumatophores thrusting from the red mangroves above the guardrail, but when the rain ramped up … Continue reading

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Drowning Our Bridges

Once again, rushing around with last minute preparations for the International segment of the Spring Training Tour. At five a.m. we need to be at the Miami Dade Airport, returning the big blue beast to Dollar and lugging our two … Continue reading

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Take Us to Your Loss Leader

We love posting the latest shots from the world of High Fashion, especially those that come from France, our cultural cradle and the gold standard of all things stylish, sophisticated and chic. Portugal’s version of Paris Fashion Week is ModaLisboa, … Continue reading

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Cruising for a Bates Motel

It was nearly midnight and the Dowbrigade was roaring up the Tamiana Highway, about five miles south of Punta Gorda, looking for a Florida version of the Bates Motel. After booking our flights and rental car on-line, we had searched … Continue reading

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Random Notes Before a Trip

Around 48 hours before leaving on a major trip, the On the Road Mode kicks in. The On the Road Mode is an altered, heightened state of consciousness, typified by a slew of altered perceptions and awareness designed to both … Continue reading

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“Depraved Idea” American as Apple Pie

"What started as a depraved idea has apparently become a sickening reality" The above sentence could have been written by Hunter Thompson. It is a testimony to his lasting affect on journalism that it in fact appeared on a South African … Continue reading

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Once again, The Washington Post has published the winning submissions to its yearly contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings for common words. The winners are: 1. Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled over how much weight you have gained. … Continue reading

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The Blogs in the Machine

"Who in the White House knew that Jeff Gannon was an assumed name, was not a legitimate journalist and was merely a shill for the Administration, for more than two years, nearly three years?" Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) A very … Continue reading

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