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John Tobin Gets It – Sorta

The much anticipated main attraction at last Thursday’s meeting of the Berkman denizens whom the lovely Norma Yvonne refers to as "our cult" was a guest appearance by Boston City Council member John Tobin, an earnest, dyed-in-the-wool old-school political animal.  … Continue reading

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Weighty Study Shakes Up Body Image

John Tierney, in today’s New York Times, writes a delightful column on the truly paridigm-shifting study showing that the moderately overweight live longer than those of "normal" weight, who in turn live longer than the excessively thin. Should this be … Continue reading

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Sat. Morning Musings As Rain Trumps Tennis

The Dowbrigade loves a day packed with interesting activities, things to do and people to meet. Yet what we most enjoy is a day with absolutely nothing planned, no place to go, and no promises to keep. These precious blank … Continue reading

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