Bourgeois Decries Tsunami Damage

tsunami that devastated south Asia coastlines and killed more than 200,000
people last December is a powerful reminder of just how dangerous those
waves can be to humans.

Such reminders have been delivered periodically, sometimes several decades apart,
during the last half-century. But the lessons have been largely ignored or forgotten
by most people who didn’t suffer direct consequences, said Jody Bourgeois, a
University of Washington Earth and space sciences professor who studies historic
and pre-historic tsunamis.

Bourgeois this week will urge fellow scientists to find ways to use the current
heightened awareness of tsunamis as a means for broad public education about
tsunami dangers and prudent safeguards. Such education should be conducted matter-of-factly,
without playing on the fears engendered by December’s events, she said.

from a University of Washington press release

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4 Responses to Bourgeois Decries Tsunami Damage

  1. cynthia says:

    the title of this post had me expecting to hear about a bunch of rich prigs complaining that their ritzy hotels haven’t been repaired quickly enough for them to enjoy their vacations in tsunami-ravaged locales.

  2. Michael Feldman says:

    That was the idea, dear…

  3. Mom says:

    you sound awfully condescending, honey. Mom

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