Fraternity Pledges Shot – Repeatedly

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – The University of California,
Berkeley has suspended a fraternity whose members hazed a pledge by repeatedly
firing a BB gun at him, the school said on Monday.

The prospective member of Pi Kappa Phi had been shot on April 8 at least
30 times and was later treated at a local hospital for welts and bruises.

School officials placed the fraternity on a so-called "interim" suspension,
which bars members from any fraternity activities and strictly limits their
use of their chapter house to residential purposes, such as eating and

"We’re also investigating students who were actually involved in the
alleged shooting," said university spokeswoman Marie Felde.

Earlier this year, a pledge at a California State University, Chico fraternity
died from water poisoning in a hazing incident there.

Is this the school US
News and World Report
ranks as the Number
One Public University in the United States? We always knew there was
a reason
we decided not to move to California, despite numerous attractive offers….

from Reuters

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