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Sax Talk

Doncha hate it when you read a review of something in your area you wish you had know about before it happened, so you could of had a chance to actually go? Especially if its something weird, and free, and … Continue reading

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Beef and Leaf Feathered Dino Found

Falcarius utahensis was adapted for both ripping up plants and chasing down prey. image from PaleoForms LLC, Provo, Utah The fossil record seems so clear and convincing to the Dowbrigade that current mainstream doubt about its veracity threatens the very … Continue reading

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It’s Clobberin’ Time

The Hollywood Studios are starting to position the Big Guns for the blockbuster summer movie season, when hordes of Americans crowd into theaters to beat the heat and the boredom of summer reruns on TV. One of those we are … Continue reading

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American Dynasty

Alex Beam has a funny/scary column in the Boston Globe today on what he sees in the future for the Globe, and old-line journalism in general… It’s true, we dug our own grave. Can you imagine, we were still writing … Continue reading

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Nice to Know Our Stuff is Safe

These stories just keep on coming. The number of people in our society with the knowledge to take advantage of these gaffes is growing exponentially as the young conscienceless whippersnappers who grew up with this stuff acquire the skills. In … Continue reading

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