American Dynasty

Alex Beam has a funny/scary column in the Boston
Globe today on what he sees in the future for the Globe, and old-line
journalism in general

It’s true, we dug our own grave. Can you imagine, we were still writing
about boring stuff like Social Security right up until just a couple
of years ago, when President Bush eliminated the program? Just because
she went to the University of Texas doesn’t mean she didn’t inherit Dad’s
political savvy. Jenna dynamited all those bleeding-heart Democratic
entitlements — welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, you name ’em. ”Want a handout?
Go to Sweden!" I have to admit, that was a pretty clever campaign
slogan. Karl Rove would have been proud.

We at the Globe were lucky, in retrospect, to have been part of The New
York Times Co. When blogtrepreneur Nick Denton bought out the Times in
2010, some of us were fortunate to land jobs in the Gawker Media empire.
Maureen Dowd makes sure that Wonkette’s cellphone batteries are always

from the Boston Globe

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