It’s Clobberin’ Time

The Hollywood Studios are starting to position the Big Guns for the
blockbuster summer movie season, when hordes of Americans crowd into
theaters to beat the heat and the boredom of summer reruns on TV.

One of those we are eagerly awaiting, and may actually pay to see on
the big screen, is the Fox Fantastic
Four movie
. One of the original,
and most popular, Marvel title, it is one of the last to make it to the

This may be because of the technical challenges of convincingly recreating
a group consisting of a teenager who flies around in a comet-like ball
of flame, a guy with elastic
limbs that can stretch out hundreds of feet, a 400-lb guy who looks
like he’s covered with shards of cheap orange flowerpots, and a token
Babe you can’t even see, because she’s the Invisible Girl.

Well, given the state of special effects today, we are all expecting
something special out of this one. Apple’s Quick Time movie
trailer page
has some tantilizing tastes.  Opens July 8.

from Fox, via Apple

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