Bring Back Nazi Science, pt. II

TOKYO — To many Japanese, the key to their personality lies not in their stars
but in their blood type. Type A’s, they believe, are perfectionists and make
good accountants; Type B’s are sociable but selfish.

Now one of Japan’s favorite pop beliefs is running into accusations of abuse
and discrimination, with critics saying it is being used to assign jobs, match
couples, even pigeonhole schoolchildren.

Irate scientists are attacking the theory in books and Web pages. Magazines
are examining the debate in articles with titles like, "Don’t bully Type

The debunkers point out that blood type is determined by the proteins in the
blood — hardly a determinant of character. "It’s mere superstition," says
Tatsuya Sato, associate professor of psychology at Ritsumeikan University. "Linking
blood type and personality is not only unscientific, it’s wrong."

But the theory, imported from
its Nazi supporters and adopted by Tokyo’s militarist government in the
1930s, is wildly popular nonetheless. It is also widespread in South

Hmmm, according to this blood-type breakdown (from Delia’s
Sailor Moon Homepage
), the Dowbrigade (blood type AB Positive)
is Rational, Calculating, Honest, Diplomatic, Organized and Strong.
Right on, so far. Suitable Careers for us include Bartender, Attorney,
Teacher (hey, that’s 3 for 3 so far) Sales Representative, Social Worker
and Witch! This is uncanny! We have been all of the above at one time
or another during our long and storied career. Obviously, there must
be something to this blood-typing which merits closer investigation.

from Newsday

Sailor Moon Homepage

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