Best Quote of the Day?

”You will hear people more foolish than wicked say
‘Our country, right or wrong,’ but that is a false patriotism and bad
Americanism. When our country is wrong she is worse than other countries
when they are wrong, for she has more light than other countries, and
we somehow ought to make her feel that we are sorry and ashamed for her."

American literary lion William Dean Howells,
in 1912


”They’ve never been treated better and they’ve never
been more comfortable in their lives."

, Republican
of California, to a group of journalists two weeks ago, offering
as a prop a plate of oven-fried chicken, one
of the entrees served to inmates at Guantanamo.


”You self-medicate, and you try not to get sick. Somebody’s
got some old medicine hanging around? Give it to me! That’s how you do

unemployed case manager


The Dowbrigade votes for Kathryn.  She’s got
it right, and in the right order….

all quotes from the Boston Globe

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