Lazy Man’s Lament

Our coverage of two stories
in the last week, one extremely local and the other international,
have brought up important and thorny questions concerning the fine
line between a Blogger and a reporter, and between Blogging and Journalism.
As the Blogosphere matures and the methods of information diffusion
evolve, it becomes essential to know who is who and what rules they
are playing by.

This is especially true in light
of recent legal efforts to force reporters to reveal their sources,
and proposed legislation to protect their right to refuse to do so.  Because
of the absolutely central and irreplaceable role of the press in the
functioning of the American brand of Democracy, being a journalist
means more than just writing about what one sees and feels. It requires
adherence to a strict if unwritten set of rules regarding attribution,
checking sources, factual accuracy, accountability and protection of

Certain sectors of the Blogosphere,
by no means a majority, desire to be considered the cyber-sector
of the Fifth Estate, and they make a strong case.  In the end,
each individual blogger must make the decision as to what degree they
want to be bound by the journalistic ethic, and then live up to their

Our own personal decision – NO
WAY are we a journalist.  Fuggedabouddit. No way, Jos

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