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  • October 2005
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Facial Hair Special Fair

Posted by glasscastle on 4th October 2005

There were men with Fu Manchu moustaches. There were contestants with
long flowing Gandalf beards. And there was the reigning world champion:
German Karl-Heinz Hille, whose gravity-defying sideburns look a bit like
an upturned bucket.

Some 220 contestants from all over the world gathered in Berlin yesterday
ahead of today’s biannual world beard and moustache championships. The
participants, including eight from Britain, will do battle in several different
moustache and beard categories this afternoon, including musketeer, wild
west, imperial Austrian, English, Dali and freestyle.

"The beard has to be well looked-after and, of course, it has to
suit the person who is wearing it," Jurgen Draheim, the deputy president
of Berlin’s beard club, and the reigning European champion, explained yesterday. "We
have a lot of entries in the full beard category.

"People who grow beards come from all walks of society," he added. "We
have simple workers and we have academics. I started growing mine as a
revolt against my parents. My mother still tells me to shave it off."

from the Guardian

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Together Forever

Posted by glasscastle on 4th October 2005

HYDERABAD, India (Reuters) – A professor of English in southern
India loved his mother so much that he lived with her corpse for 20 years.
When he died, the pair were laid to rest in the same grave.

Syed Abdul Gafoor’s mother died in 1985, but he refused to bury her, authorities
Instead, he preserved her body with chemicals and kept it at home in a
glass case, causing his wife to leave him and sparking a social boycott
in Siddavatta village in Andhra Pradesh state.

"He kept the body intact and lived in isolation till he died Saturday " district
administrator Ashok Kumar told Reuters. Gafoor, 60, was buried along
with his mother in a single grave near the village mosque according to his last
wish, Kumar said.

We teachers of English to speakers of other languages are a strange
lot. We’ve been around the block, but often end up coming home to Mom.
We hate
to give up the things we love, and will go to great lengths to pretend
the world is the way we wish it were. We hope that when we finally pass
away, the authorities have the decency to let us rest in eternal peace
with the 37 dearly departed souls whose earthly remains we have so carefully
preserved down in the root cellar……

story from Reuters

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BU Tech – Converted Vacuum Cleaner Anti-Sniper Robot

Posted by glasscastle on 4th October 2005

IRobot Corp. of Burlington, famous for
its robotic vacuum cleaners, has teamed up with researchers at Boston
University to develop a military robot capable of spotting enemy snipers.

”You’ll actually see the sniper before the smoke disappears from the shot," said
Joe Dyer, iRobot’s executive vice president and general manager.

IRobot demonstrated the system, called REDOWL (for Robot Enhanced Detection
Outpost with Lasers), at the Association of the United States Army convention
in Washington last week. Testers struck pieces of metal to simulate gunshots.
REDOWL quickly aimed its infrared camera and laser rangefinder at the source
of the noise, just as it did in tests at a Medfield gun range.

REDOWL is based on iRobot’s PackBot, a battery-powered lightweight robot
already in active service with the armed forces. PackBots are used to explore
dangerous terrain or enter buildings to search for booby traps.

from the
Boston Globe

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