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  • October 2005
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ETs in Peru Too

Posted by glasscastle on October 5th, 2005

LIMA, Peru (Reuters) – One minute Jonathan Reed was
hiking with his golden retriever in a forest in Seattle. The next, his
pet was being torn apart by a "gray" — an alien being with
an elongated head, smelling of rotting fruit.

A scene from a sci-fi film? No, maintains Reed, a former child-developmental
psychologist who says he took the alien home and lived with it for nine
days in which it communicated via telepathy and was able to pull thoughts
from his mind.

Reed and others — including Uruguayan Rafael Ulloa who says aliens in
spaceships spirited away people from New York’s twin towers in the September
11, 2001, attacks — gather in Lima this week for a world extra-terrestrial

Peru has long been a mecca for mystics and there have been abundant reports
of flying saucers, especially over the southern town of Chilca. Some locals
reckon aliens imbued mud springs there with special curative and fertility

We don’t care where it came from, if some "Gray"
creature tore apart OUR golden retriever, the only place you’d find
it in our
house nine days later would be in the refrigerator as leftovers. Read
our mind, E.T., mess with our dog, mess with us.

We can personally bear witness to the popularity
and prevalence of extraterrestrials in Peru, where our son runs an Eco-tourism
, and even more so in our own Southern Redoubt, Ecuador. We have
often been told, since our first visit 33 years ago, that the ETs favored
the area because it was easier and more practical to maintain a geo-stationary
orbit over the terrestrial equator.

In fact, the historical record shows considerable
if not conclusive evidence of pre-Colombian contact in the form of
ceramics, painted stellae and suggestive myths of the entire Andean region,
but especially Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Of course, this region is
also home to the most extensive botanical cornucopia of psychoactive
substances, and well developed religious and social knowledge of their
use, on the planet. Whether these two phenomena are related seems a fecund
field for future research, and, not coincidentally, we are planning a
trip to the region in the near future.

We have heard of Chilca, but have never been there. Watch
this space for a first-hand report, the week before Christmas.

from Reuters