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Penalty Shots Fatal in Fundamentalist Football

Posted by glasscastle on 16th October 2005

An Op-ed
piece in the Times
by Goeff
Porter translated a Fatwa concerning the righteousness of playing soccer,
and the Iman-approved rules of play.  It
establishes 15 guidelines, including:

These are some conditions
and precepts so that morally aware youth do not inadvertently
polytheists when playing soccer … Hell awaits those who die playing
soccer according to rules established by heretical countries, at the
head of which is America.

3. Do not call "foul" and stop the game if
someone falls and sprains a hand or foot or the ball touches his hand,
and do not give a yellow or red card to whoever was responsible for the
injury or tackle. Instead, it should be adjudicated according to Sharia
rulings concerning broken bones and injuries. The injured player should
exercise his Sharia rights according to the Koran and you must bear witness
with him that so-and-so hurt him on purpose.

9. If neither of you beats the other, or "wins" as
it is called, and neither puts the leather between the posts, do not
add extra time or penalties until someone wins. No, instead leave the
field, because winning with overtime and penalty kicks is the pinnacle
of imitating heretics and international rules.

12. If you finish playing soccer, do not talk about
your game and say, "We were better than the opponent," or "So-and-so
plays well" and so on. Instead be concerned with your bodies and
their strength and muscles, and say, "We played only to drill in
running, attacking and retreating, and to prepare for jihad in the name
of God on high."

from the New York Times

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Schoolyard Bully Pulpit

Posted by glasscastle on 16th October 2005

In our continuing effort to contribute to running the NYT “Tough Shit” editorial blockade, we respectfully present:

Schoolyard Bully Diplomacy
The New York Times
October 16, 2005
Op-Ed Columnist

NIAMEY, NigerThis is a land of thatch-roof mud huts and malnourished children, of whom one in four dies by the age of 5. It’s the very least developed country in the world, according to the U.N., and lives here can be saved for pennies.

read the rest from Demented Slinky Brain

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WIKI Welcome in Boston

Posted by glasscastle on 16th October 2005

Wiki‘s are wicked cool. What at
first seemed to us like a gimmick or a cute toy, has proven to be a
brainstorm of elegant simplicity. Ever since the first Killer WIKI,
Wikipedia, reached critical mass several years ago (somewhere around 100,000 articles
and 20,000 frequent contributors/checkers) the obvious utility of WIKIs
has spawned a series of fascinating projects and applications of the
concept which expand and reinforce how powerful, almost viral, the
WIKI platform is.

Basically, a Wiki is a web page so simple that anyone
who can write a few words, in any language, can create and edit one,
and see the results on the web, instantly. This makes it great for
groups, both formal and informal, for non-technical users, and for educational interactions.
Currently, we are working regularly with two personal Wiki projects;
the Just Don’t Suck Tennis Club Wiki, and a cluster of Wikis based
around the Science and Technology course
we are teaching this semester.

Wikimaniacs are reportedly a zany and inspirational
bunch. We are all waiting with baited breath to see which city, Boston
or Toronto, will be chosen for next years Wikimania convention. The Boston
is being spearheaded by sj, who has some helpful
those interested in getting involved.

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