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Pirates Off the Barbary Coast

Posted by glasscastle on 22nd October 2005

Pirates have seized a cargo ship off
the coast of Somalia, local officials have confirmed.

They said the Maltese-registered ship, Pagania, was attacked late on Wednesday
as it sailed from South Africa to Europe with a cargo of iron ore.

The hijackers are reportedly demanding a $700,000 (

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Hammer and Anvil

Posted by glasscastle on 22nd October 2005

The infant 2 1/2-year-old female gorilla
named Itebero, seen smashing palm nuts between rocks in a "hammer
and anvil" technique, at the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International
sanctuary in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo on Saturday, Oct, 8,

This premeditated use of stones and sticks to accomplish
a task like cracking nuts, which was considered among the most complex
use behaviors, is intriguing scientists who say they have much to learn
about what gorillas can do, and about the inplications on our knowledge
of evolution.

/Anjan Sundaram)

We dated a girl in college who struck exactly that
pose when using rocks to knock the caps off beer bottles. Uncanny resemblances like
that are what convinces us of the scientific validity of evolution….

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Dad Overboard, Son Silent

Posted by glasscastle on 22nd October 2005

The harrowing journey began last weekend
as a simple errand, a father and son sailing their 41-foot ketch to a
New Hampshire port to moor it for the winter.
After six days at sea the boat turned up yesterday wildly off course, 133
miles east of Provincetown. Rescuers, alerted by two bright flares shot
into the sky, found just one passenger aboard the Naobi, a weary 20-year-old
Asher Woods, who apparently had been adrift alone amid high winds and white-capped

According to authorities, Woods said his father — Stephen, 55, a New Hampshire
lawyer — fell overboard without a life jacket Saturday near Boothbay Harbor,

As Coast Guard planes and boats searched for the Naobi,
no radio calls for help or cellphone calls came from the sailboat, nor
were the rescuers able to contact the boat, which was outfitted with
modern communications equipment, said Coast Guard officials.

”There’s still an awful lot of blanks to fill," said Pinneo. ”Hopefully
we’ll soon be able to provide that."

The details of Asher Woods’s days at sea remained a
mystery yesterday. He refused interview requests.

The Coast Guard did not search for Stephen Woods yesterday.
”With these water temperatures, survivability is about 32 hours," said
Coast Guard Petty Officer Kelly Newlin. ”He’s now been in the water
96 hours, without a personal flotation device on. . . . There is no search

There’s more to this story than meets the eye. Appearantly
the father was a very careful and experienced sailor. The weather was
fine. What happened to the radio? Distress beacon? Why did he wait six
days to shoot off a flare? What was he doing during those six days? Where
is Greta when we need her?

from the Boston Globe

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Essay Special on Aisle 5

Posted by glasscastle on 22nd October 2005

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Wal-Mart heiress Elizabeth Paige
Laurie has surrendered her college degree following allegations that
she cheated her way through the school.

The University of Southern California said in a statement that Laurie,
23, "voluntarily has surrendered her degree and returned her diploma
to the university. She is not a graduate of USC."

Laurie’s roommate, Elena Martinez, told a television show last year that
she was paid $20,000 to write term papers and complete other assignments
for the granddaughter of Wal-Mart co-founder Bud Walton. Wal-Mart is
the world’s biggest retailer. The family could not be reached for comment.

Following the allegations, the University of Missouri renamed its basketball
arena, which had been paid for in part by a $425 million donation from
the Lauries and was to have been called "Paige Sports Arena."

Geez, the Dowbrigade is going to have to raise his rates!. Meanwhile,
several members of Middle Eastern royal families have’t been keeping
up their payments. We need to forward this story to them, so they
see what can happen when one has to return a degree…

story from Reuters

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Can You Wipe This Big Bug off my Windshield?

Posted by glasscastle on 22nd October 2005

Elderly Man Drives 3 Miles With Body Smashed on Hood

ST. PETERSBURG – Ralph Parker had shown signs of
dementia before, but his condition worsened dramatically over the past
week. Argumentative one minute, calm the next. Alarmed, Parker’s son
left Idaho on Wednesday to get his 93-year-old father in a safe place,

Before he could get here, his dad backed his gold Chevrolet Malibu out
of the driveway and went for a drive.

It ended horribly. Parker hit a man crossing 34th Street S, severing the
man’s right leg, then drove 3 miles with the body stuck in the windshield.

When police asked Parker what happened, he said the body seemed to drop
from the sky.
Parker thought it was December and that he was headed home to Pinellas
Park, not south toward the Sunshine Skyway bridge, police said.

Julia Zumpf was driving south on 34th Street about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday
when she saw the gold Malibu unsteady in the road. Drunken driver, she

Then Zumpf, 44, saw a pedestrian step off the center median and head across
the three-lane road.

The driver of the Malibu slammed on his brakes, Zumpf said. She thought
the driver missed him but suddenly she heard a crash and saw a leg flying
in front of her blue Buick LeSabre. "It went at least one story in
the air," she said.

His shoe then popped off before the limb came to a rest on a strip of grass
west of the street, in front of Howard Johnson’s.

The driver kept going, as if not realizing what happened, Zumpf said. She
drove several blocks, trying to locate the body, thinking it rolled off
the car, and called 911. "I thought it was just a hit-and-run," she

The body was still on the Malibu. The head and shoulders were punched through
the windshield, the torso slung backward over the hood.

Three miles later, the car approached the Sunshine Skyway toll bridge.
As Parker decelerated, the body slumped entirely inside, the man’s face
pushed up against the dash.
The macabre scene looked like a Halloween prank to the toll taker. Then
she saw the blood.

story from the
Saint Petersburg Times

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