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Comic of the Day

Posted by glasscastle on 30th October 2005


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Bad Elf Banned

Posted by glasscastle on 30th October 2005

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – A constitutional battle is brewing
over a holiday beer that state officials are trying to ban because they
say its label might entice children to drink.
The state believes it would be really awful for kids to see the label
on the British import Seriously Bad Elf.

It shows a mean-looking elf with a slingshot firing Christmas ornaments
at Santa’s sleigh as it flies overhead.

The state Liquor Control Division notified Massachusetts-based Shelton
Brothers distributors that it was rejecting its application to sell the
beer, a bitter winter ale brewed at the Ridgeway Brewery in England.

from AP

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Dutch Witch School

Posted by glasscastle on 30th October 2005

APPELSCHA, Netherlands (AP) – Cobwebs
cling from the wooden rafters. Dusty shelves are cluttered with glass
jars of home-brewed potions, dried herbs and stone amulets. An oil cooker
and a black cauldron sit in the corner, ready for the next full moon.
This isn’t a Halloween party, it’s Margarita Rongen’s year-round workshop
and she is a witch – according to her tax return.

Dutch witches were guaranteed a financial treat when the Leeuwarden District
Court reaffirmed their legal right to write off the costs of schooling
– including in witchcraft – against their tax bills. Those costs run to
thousands of dollars.

Courses are held 13 weekends a year closest to a full
moon when outdoor rituals are practiced and potions boiled. Participants
learn healing with herbs and stones, divination and fortunetelling with
crystal balls and hieroglyphs, and how to make potions.

from AP

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