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Don’t Try This at Home Video


Ever want to drive a really cool car
really, really fast? Ever want to break every traffic law in the book,
risk your own life and that of others, and force frantic Frenchmen and
women flee your passage? Who hasn’t?

We offer, for your perusal, this short film. The back
story is:

This is a pretty incredible 9 1/2 min. of realtime
film–aside from the danger to life and limb. I got this clip from
someone who said
that a French filmmaker hired a formula 1 driver to race an F1 car
across Paris with a camera mounted to the front. The driver then was
promptly arrested by
Paris police.

A friend who lives in Paris then sent me a link to some info on the
filmmaker, Claude Lelouch de Jean-Philippe Chatrier. If your French
is good, you
can read (second link) about how the filmmaker says he drove the car
himself, staked out the route and communicated by radio with a team
of spotters to reduce the risks of an accident. The woman at the end
the mother of his child. He also says that the police initially merely
took his drivers license away but then promptly returned it as the
cop’s kids liked the film so much (but how would they have seen it?).
He says
he filmed at 5:30am in August, presumably a Sunday, but why are the
garbage trucks out? The title sequence (for you non-francophones) states
the film was not edited ("faked") or sped up.

Definitely worth 9 minutes of your time. Somehow the single camera single shot format makes it seem much more real than any movie car chase we have seen…

(Gracias, John D.)

link to video

link to article (in French)

Bad Vibes – Search for the World’s Worst Sounds


For some, it is the sound of fingernails
scraping on a blackboard. For others, a crying baby, the trill of a mobile
phone or the sound of someone retching.

Now British scientists have launched the BadVibes project, a quest to
find the world’s worst sound to help shed light on how Stone Age sonic
likes and dislikes shaped modern sound preferences.

BadVibes was launched by Prof Cox at the Museum of Science and Industry
in Manchester and around 30,000 people have voted for their least favourite

"People can log on to and then listen and vote on
a collection of awful sounds."

The somewhat dubious premise of this "study" is that if disgust
with certain sounds proves ubiquitous, it means our earliest ancestors
that sound, and that dislike is hardwired into our nervous system. We
doubt that Fred Flintstone developed a dislike for the sounds of dental
drills, police sirens, car alarms or jackhammers, all certainly reviled
around the globe today. And how to explain the universal dislike of the
sound of alarm clocks?

from the Telegraph

Check out BadVibes for
yourself, and vote for the worst sounds. Also download horrible ringtones……